Polo Grounds Seat

  “There’s a long drive… it’s gonna be, I believe… The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!” Did you hear Russ Hodges on the radio call the “shot heard round the world”? Folks were going crazy when the Giants’ Bobby Thompson hit […]

Palace Of The Fans

Hello, my name is John T. Brush and I am the owner of the Cincinnati Reds. Today is August 12, 1902 and it has just been announced that I will be taking over the inside affairs of business for the New York Giants baseball club. This means that I will be leaving Cincinnati and the […]

Yankee Stadium Seat

If only a seat could talk, what great and exciting stories this one would tell. Over the years, occupants of  this marvelous artifact that you are looking at have witnessed some of the greatest players and greatest moments in the history of the wonderful game of baseball. For this seat was once located in the […]

Comiskey Park Seat

This entry in the “Stadium Seat Spiels” series highlights an adult’s reflection on his childhood visit to Comiskey Park. It was written by Anthony Zoubek, an English teacher from Illinois. For maximum impact, Zoubek suggests that this short memoir be read aloud, enthusiastically, in the spirit of humorist Jean Shepherd, a booming-voiced narrator of the […]