Below are some outstanding websites and Facebook pages dedicated to Baseball stadium history, travel and reviews

Classic Ballpark Sites

Lost Ballparks
“Lost Ballparks” is website , FB page and podcast (new episode every Wednesday) that takes you on a journey to the “golden age” of baseball’s Lost Ballparks as told by the players, broadcasters and fans who provide first hand accounts of what it was like to sit in the seats on a summer afternoon at Ebbets Field, the Polo Grounds, Metropolitan Stadium, Forbes Field, Jarry Park, Yankee Stadium, Comiskey Park, Crosley Field and many more.
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This Great Game
Since going live in 2005, This Great Game has evolved into one of the web’s most highly praised and comprehensive sites on baseball history. It covers a range of topics with holistic content that’s all but unmatched online. The core of the site is set up into eight main sections, including one dedicated to ballparks
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Ballparks of Baseball
An excellent website full of facts and pictures of all the classic MLB ballparks
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When We Wore Fedoras
A great Facebook Page about the history of baseball’s Golden Age.
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SABR Ballparks
A wonderful FB page dedicated to MLB ballparks past and present
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Ballpark Review / Travel Sites

The following sites are excellent resources for anyone planning a trip to any of the current 30 MLB ballparks. They each offer comprehensive details, reviews and stories of each of the ballparks

My 7th Inning Stretch
A very well written, informative and entertaining travel blog and MLB/NFL stadium review!
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Stadium Journey
A comprehensive review of every imaginable stadium in every sport at any level!
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Ballpark -This site scrutinizes all Major League Baseball stadiums and Spring Training ballparks to a degree never seen before, implementing a comprehensive ratings system
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A wonderful site featuring in-depth reviews and essays from a man who has visited 349 ballparks and counting!
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The Stadium Reviews
Professional Stadium Reviews, Parking Information, Food, Blogs, and More!
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Ballpark Merchandise Sites

There Used To Be A Ballpark
A site to purchase prints celebrating baseball’s past and current ballparks
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