Hey There! My name is Hank. I’m 10 years old and I volunteer at the National Ballpark Museum! 

I’ll be checking in on this page from time to time, telling you all how I’m doing and sharing my experiences with this great game of baseball! 

October 19 The World Series Prediction 

Originally in the World Series, I picked the Dodgers and the Yankees. Now that I was surprised that the Yankees had lost, we have to pick between the Dodgers and the Rays. I think that the Dodgers are going to win. For starting off, the Dodgers have better starting pitchers in my opinion. They have Buehler. They have Kershaw. They have May. But, I think that the Rays have very good relievers in the bullpen. The Dodgers obviously have a stronger offense and defense because Betts and Bellinger are excellent. I think the infield is very strong also. But the biggest difference is the Rays don’t have much offense. I think the Dodgers will win the Series in six games.

August 30 

Hey everybody. I hope you are doing well and I hope we can have you back in to tour the museum again soon.

Coronavirus has made this whole season very weird for everyone. Mainly the players. In my league, things are different. Like there is no catcher so kids aren’t close together, and the umpire calls balls and strikes from behind the pitcher. For a pitcher like me to have to throw into a strike zone net kind of stinks. I like the catcher more. Also we can’t be in dugouts anymore between innings. We have to sit in lawn chairs all up the foul line. No chewing gum. No high fives. No sunflower seeds. But, I’m still having a good year.

I have some thoughts on what it would be like if MLB players did some things to make their season be more enjoyable. I also have some questions I’d like to ask them, if I could speak to one.

  • First, will it be weird to play in front of a crowd again? When was the last time before this season in

your career when you played in front of an empty park?

  • Second, have you ever thought about putting your own photon on a cardboard cutout in the stands?

That might really freak the other team out. Could be kind of funny.

  • Third, Do you have good friends on the teams in the other geographic divisions who you will miss seeing

now that you don’t travel across the country?

  • Fourth, for the rookies is it sad for you to have no fans present when you are finally making your big

league debut?

Maybe you have other questions for the players about this season. Write in if you do.