The National Ballpark Museum is the only museum dedicated to the older, Classic Ballparks

The original goal of the Museum was to concentrate on ballpark memorabilia. Founder, Curator, and President Bruce meticulously acquired relics, bricks, postcards, jerseys, books, pictures, and more. The current goal of the Museum can be read in our Mission Statement.

The collection grew to house seats from all the classic ballparks and to this day, The National Ballpark Museum has possibly the best collection of seats assembled in one place! The collection grew to include one-of-a-kind items, such as actual structural pieces from the classic ballparks.

Click on an image below to read more about each ballpark and view the artifacts for each of them that are on display in the museum.

Our Ballpark Wall of Fame is the foundation of the museum, it contains seats, bricks, and models of all of the original 14 classic ballparks.