Bill Efting

I was raised in Minnesota and South Dakota and grew up a fan of the Minnesota Twins. After High School I enlisted in the United States Navy for four years and was stationed in the Brooklyn Naval Yard. After the Navy I earned a Masters Degree at the University of South Dakota. I started my […]

Joan Brundage

I grew up in St. Louis an avid Cardinals fan. My mother taught me from a young age that the Cubs, Dodgers, and Yankees were the enemy. I even worked as an usher at Busch Stadium while I was in college. I moved to Boulder in 1981 to work at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric […]

Anthony Zoubek

A Colorado native, I currently teach high school English and Speech-Debate in Chicago’s western suburbs. I have a Master of Arts in English Studies, and wrote my thesis on the origins of baseball slang as used by fans, broadcasters, and historians. A lifelong Chicago White Sox fan (whose all-time favorite players are middle reliever Matt […]

Andrew Herrera

My name is Andrew Herrera and I have loved the game of baseball for as long as I can remember. When I started playing baseball I was eight years old and fell in love with the game. Even after High School I still enjoy pitching, and I recently threw ninety three Miles Per Hour. In […]