Raelee Frazier (Museum Manager)

I am no stranger to long hours of difficult and detail oriented hard work. Not only do I work at the museum as the Museum Manager, but I have been serving the Denver area Arts and Museum community as an artist and mold making specialist for over twenty years.

The lease was up on my art studio and the foundry which my studio was connected to and who poured my metal also closed. I had known Bruce Hellerstein (President and Creator of the National Ballpark Museum) for many years prior to that as I had made a mold of Bruce’s pitching hand before. He called me and asked if I would be interested in working as the manager of the museum! As they say the rest is history, new job, new life.

I thoroughly enjoyed molding the hands of many famous individuals, not all were sport icons. My interest in American history stemmed from many years of making ethnic featured mannequins for national museums. I see baseball as an extension of the American landscape, there are always stories to be told.

I have a degree in Fine Art with a minor in Science. My husband, Frank and I have two children Carol and James. I have five grandchildren, Sandra, Allie, Aidan, Samuel, and Teddy.

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