Mama Played Baseball

By David Adler, Illustrated by Chris O’Leary; Gulliver Books; 2003

Picture Book, Historical fiction, Baseball, Gender, World War II, History


This heartwarming story is told by Mama’s daughter, Amy. Her dad has gone to fight in World War II and Mama must find a job. The one she finds is not any ordinary job. She becomes a player in the first All-American Girls Professional league, formed to keep the great game of baseball alive. Amy is mom’s biggest cheerleader, shouting louder than anyone at all the home games. While Mama’s team travels, Amy works on a secret surprise project for her dad when he finally returns.

David Adler creates the story using historical facts and Chris O’Leary brings the 1940s to life with his beautiful illustrations. The All-American Girls league is featured in the movie, A League of Their Own, helping women prove that even war would not stop this great game.

Oral reading of “Mama Played Baseball”

For more information about All-American Girls Professional Baseball League:

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