Charlie Blackmon’s Historic Month!

June was an incredible month for Charlie Blackmon! The numbers that he put up are not only historic for the Colorado Rockies, but for all of Major League Baseball! He was clearly the best hitter in MLB not just because I like him, but because it truly was one of the best months in history. […]

A Sad Day in Baseball History

Today is June 2nd. It is the anniversary of one of baseball’s saddest days. On this day in 1941, Yankee great Lou Gehrig passed away from ALS in his home in Riverdale, New York. Nicknamed ‘the Iron Horse’, Gehrig had a storied career with the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. His career included 6 World Series, […]

First Night Game in Major League History

The need for Night Games Baseball needed night games. It made sense that most people worked during the day, so attending a daytime game during the week was not possible for the average baseball fan. Weekend games were full, at least on Saturdays, but most cities banned baseball on Sundays. This made it difficult for […]