Catching The Moon

CATCHING THE MOON: The Story of a Young Girl’s Baseball Dream

By: Crystal Hubbard, Illustrated by Randy Duburke; Lee & Low Books; 2010

Marcenia Lyle loved baseball. Those 4 words introduce readers to a young African American girl who thought there wasn’t anything better than baseball. In 1930 St. Louis, Marcenia played baseball with all the boys at school and had earned their respect as an athlete. Her parents did not fully appreciate her passion, but wanted her to be happy. When the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals came looking for baseball players for his summer baseball camp, Marcenia had a new challenge before her. Could she impress the manager and get his attention enough to let her participate in the camp? One night as she punches the pocket of her glove and stares out at a full moon, she commits herself to proving that she can play and make her dream come true.

Catching the Moon tells the true story of the first woman to play professional baseball. Crystal Hubbard’s direct storytelling and Randy DuBurke’s emotional illustrations share the story of an incredible woman and her dream to play professional baseball. Young readers and baseball lovers will enjoy the energy coming off the pages as Marcenia puts her skills on display! The book’s Afterword provides more of her life story and her important legacy.

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