Greenlee Field

How long is an era? If you ask Rachel Green from “Friends” she’ll tell you that six years doesn’t count as an era. Eventually she gives in and agrees that it does, and I’d have to agree with her. The six years that Greenlee Field existed were not only historically significant but they were also […]

The LA Dodger

BALLPARK MYSTERIES #3: The L.A. DODGER By David A. Kelly; Illustrated by Mark Meyers; Random House Books for Young Readers; 2011 This review was written by 7 year old guest reviewer Thatcher Morgan. Thank you Thatcher!  In the book, The L.A. Dodger, by David A. Kelly, Kate and Mike travel to L.A. to visit Kate’s […]

Braves Field Seat

Written by guest author Jay Sandord. Jay also wrote a piece for our Extra Innings section, about Denver’s connection to the Negro Leagues. “No home run will ever go over that Fence. This is the only field in the country on which you can play as absolutely fair game of ball without interference of fences.” […]

The Negro Leagues

This article was written by Jay Sanford, guest author and historian from Denver, Colorado. By the time Rube Foster organized The Negro League, in 1920, black baseball had already traveled a long and often bumpy road. Foster came from the small country town of Calvert in southwest Texas. He became attracted to baseball as a […]