Wrigley Field Seat

Chairs, Beers, Wines, and Vines “Old Style heeeaah! Getcha icy cold Old Style, heeeahh!” You leap up out of the chair pictured above—it cracks and creaks from your sudden movement…you hold up your hands in the form of a peace sign…“Two!” “Two comin’… “8 bucks, buddy”… “Tenner comin’ back—keep the change”…[As the beer vendor walks […]

Shifting on the 7’s: LLWS and the Latinization of the MLB

1947: Early History of the LLWS The mainstream history of Major League Baseball has historically been a white male history, although females, religious, and racial and ethnic minorities were integral to the Pastime becoming part of the cultural zeitgeist of the United States. Because of this, it is apropos to redress the lack of focus […]

Playing on Mayan Time

After the commissioner’s trophy is hoisted and the leaves finish falling, winter settles into the minds of the boys of summer and their passionate fans. Like clockwork, the temperature starts to fall in the north and the low winter sun provides summertime to the southern hemisphere. The snowbirds then ride out the winter months in […]