Ebbets Field Seat

The Gem at 1720 Bedford Avenue (Brooklyn, New York) There is an authenticated Ebbets Field stadium seat located in the National Ballpark Museum in Denver that offers a significant historical reference as most any memorabilia one could find. The museum is located about one hundred yards from Coors Field (home of the Colorado Rockies) and […]

Griffith Stadium Seat

For those of you looking to expand your knowledge of the original ballparks of Major League Baseball, or at least add to your “Cliff Claven” (think TV Show Cheers) repertoire of baseball facts, Griffith Stadium is as rich a choice as any. The venue was built in 1911 on the corners of Georgia Avenue and […]

Baseball At The Kitchen Table

Baseball Board Games – How America’s pasttime made it’s way into board games For as far back as the origin of professional baseball in America, the game has had a fascinating counterpart in the form of games designed for play on tabletops. Dating all the way back to the first known production of a tabletop […]